Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guestroom Inspirations

Many people have asked what our next house project is and I think we have narrowed it down to our guestroom! Those poop brown walls need to go....yea not really my color! Here are a couple pictures I took when we first got the house:

Since my little brother was the first resident of this room, the hot pink curtains didn't last more than a couple hours. Now the room has our guest bed, along with boxes of stuff we need to go through (yes...some of these migrated over from the office...don't judge!). I want to make this space pretty and inviting for our visitors! Here are my favorite inspirations to add some much needed character to the space:

Love this color combination - bright and cheery, but soft.

The headboard is a bit much for a guestroom, but love the color combos.

They used great pinks here and made it feminine, but simple.

Simple, but fun with the striped headboard.

Simple and classic.
Let me know your thoughts, favorites and other ideas you might have! We are most likely going to paint the room the same color as our living and dining rooms downstairs since we have the extra paint. A couple fun touches I love to keep in mind for the guestroom:

I love this print I found on Pinterest! These are great tips to follow for a fabulous guestroom.

I think this is an adorable and genius idea because I hate staying at someone's house and not knowing their WiFi.
I'm excited to get those walls painted and get my juices flowing on bedding and decoration ideas. I will keep you all posted as I search around!

Lots of Love,

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