Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fancy Turkey Sandwich

Sorry I have been M.I.A. this past week! I came home from Florida and we discovered a gas leak in our house - yea, no fun! So we had to get that fixed and stay at my mom's house while waiting for them to finish. They had to turn the gas off, so our house was freezing cold! Luckily, after a few days and a lot of $$$, we have new pipes and our house is safe - thank goodness!

For today, I wanted to share a tasty and easy recipe with you all. It is a delicious turkey sandwich that my cousins used to make for me when I was little. Don't worry, it's easy!

Black Pepper Turkey
Munster Cheese
Purple Onion
Watercress (we used to use sprouts, but they are no longer available here, so this is our alternative to add some crunch to the sandwich)

The sandwich is seriously super easy:
Toast your bread.
Fry an egg.
Put all the ingredients together!

Photo via me
Great way to mix up your usual turkey sandwich and with the egg, it is more filling. Plus if you are having guests over for lunch, these sandwiches have great presentation! Hope this recipe comes in handy and gave you a good dinner idea for your lazy Sunday.

Lots of Love,

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