Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cute Etsy Shop Finds

So on my quest to making my own Etsy shop, I have stumbled upon some other great fun ones. Thought I would share with you all:

Love the pillows from iviebaby - how cute would this be in a nursery!

DBN has awesome and hip graphic designs.

This Little Loft Studio card is classic and personalized.

These pencils from The Carbon Crusader are amazing!

This is great for a nursery or kid's bedroom. Printable Wisdom has lots of great prints to hang.

These invitations are equally amazing!
Woman Shops World has amazing finds from all around the world - love these colorful tassels!
If you have 30 minutes...or a couple waste, search around on Etsy and see what fun finds you see!

Lots of Love,

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