Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wedding Week Day 4: Small Touches

Happy Thursday and fourth day of Wedding Week! Hope you have learned some helpful tips thus far, at least gotten some motivation to get your wedding things rolling. Today, I want to talk about the little touches you can add to your wedding. My friends, mom and my Aunt Mary were amazing help with the little touches. There are simple things you can add to your wedding that add a touch of character. Here are the favorite little things we added to our wedding...

1. Dancing Shoes! Thank you Molly for having extra flip flops from your wedding because they were much enjoyed at ours! When you want your guests to spend the whole night dancing, it is nice for you to have some dancing shoes handy - don't want them bailing because their six inch heels are killing them.

Buckets from Hobby Lobby, Basket from Target and floral box from World Market.

2. Glow Sticks! If you can notice in the picture above there are buckets of glow sticks - instant hit with the kids...Dustin's cousins basically made an outfit out of them. It was fun on the dance floor and it gave them all something to do. My friend Ashley's baby was raving with glow sticks into the night.

3. Party Hats! One of my favorite favors from the weekend, was the rehearsal dinner hats. My fabulous aunt had hats made for the weekend and we passed them out at the rehearsal dinner. So fun! They say "Oh Happy Day!" and are great because people can use them after the fact:

We had a girl hate and a boy hat!

Meg and I at the rehearsal dinner rockin' the hat!
4. Drink koozies! Keep your beer cold and add some sass to the bottle. My aunt ordered them for us and they turned out very fun. Baby Lizzie even rocked one on her bottle for the night!

5. Family touches! My grandma and I are extremely close, so I wanted to have touches of her in our wedding. Touches like that are meaningful and beautiful, plus they make that person feel like they are an important part of your special day. She let me use her hanky to wrap my bouquet, her cake topper and her purse. Dustin was very close to his grandma, so we used the ring pillow his grandma made for his mother's wedding - love a classic pillow! I also wore the garter my great aunt passed down to me when I was little.

Flowers by Lori Park Floral Studios
Wedding Cake from Publix Grocery Store
Logan was a pro carrying the satin pillow and no, we did not tie the rings to it :)

6. Map with favorite places and wedding stops! My friend Kathy is amazing and whipped up some very fun maps for us to put in the welcome bags. They are easy to read and give guests ideas about where they need to go. She drew them out for me and then I scanned and printed them:

Created by the fabulous Kathy Sweeney
7. Timelines! Everyone needs a timeline for the day of so they aren't running around with their head cut off. To make things simple, I made role specific timelines that included pictures. They turned out really cute and I added them with the map to the welcome envelopes that went into the guest's bag.

I made the timelines role specific so they each knew where to go. I gave each one a unique style as well. The envelopes themselves were a great place to put our welcome message!

Important to have an Instagram # if you want all your pictures to end up in one place - very handy!
8. A touch of home! We both went to the University of Kansas and our first date was a KU basketball game. Needless to say, we are both huge KU fans! We decided for the rehearsal dinner that we would ship in our favorite Jayhawk cookies from the Wichita favorite, Connie's Cookies.

The little touches may not be noticed by everyone, but they will be noticed by some, especially the couple getting hitched. I love that we made our wedding fit our style and that our families were brought in with special touches.

Lots of Love,

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