Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wedding Week Day 3: Invitations!

Wedding stationary is a big to do with weddings and everyone has their own style, whether it's simplistic, romantic, modern or rustic. You can get creative and make your own or you can find somewhere that makes exactly what you are wanting! I went with the creative route and made my own save the date cards and invitations - with help from my fabulous relatives to put them together! I hand painted them and then scanned them on to my computer for printing. My aunt helped me find the paper I needed and then I fought the printer (ugh!) to get them printed. The hardest part was lining up the margins - make sure you have lots of extra paper! You can always take your creations to a printer to be done - what I should have done, but I became determined. In the end it all worked out...

Save the Date cards:
My aunt helped my line the envelopes with gorgeous paper to add a special touch!

I love this font I downloaded for free!
Wedding Invitations:

We found the amazing pearlized scallop envelope folders at Archiver's. I love how I could tuck everything in.

I kept things simple on the reception card (simple text on pearl paper) and for the bridal brunch card, which went into the bridal party's invitations. My mother made sure I had pretty stamps for the RSVP cards and for the invitations.

I then sealed the envelopes and and hand wrote the addresses - yes it took a long time, but saves a lot of money!
My invitations matched our wedding style and I loved the romantic feel to them. My inspiration was Rifle Paper Co., but wanted to make them my own by painting them myself - plus that saved me a lot of money. When you add your own character to your invitations, they have a little personality to them.

Some of my favorite invitations out there in the world:
$$$ -
Rifle Paper Co. has incredible designs that just make me happy - obviously it was my inspiration!

Ladyfingers Letterpress has gorgeous designs that are drop dead amazing.
$$ -

I love this Etsy designer - First Snow Fall

Wedding Chicks has pretty and romantic invitations.
$ -

Etsy has great printable options that make invitations affordable! Love how simple and fun this one is.

Paper Source has fun options and that store is just fun to go into!

Free! -

Wedding Chicks has amazing FREE printable invitation options for the girl on a budget - or heck even if you just love the styles! They aren't completely free because you will have to get them printed, but a free design saves a lot of dough!
One of the favorite things I purchased for putting together our invitations, was the address embosser. Yes your hand does start to cramp from pressing down, but it was a fun alternative to the address stamps and you avoid hand writing the return address!

We purchased ours from Neiman Marcus and used our first names and new address, that way we could use it after the wedding. It could also be a good gift for your parents if you want to use their address.
There are so many gorgeous and fun wedding invitation options out there, so have fun with them and pick something that goes with your taste and style! Don't settle - there is something out there in your price range or you can always pull a M.E. and get creative!

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