Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wedding Week Day 2: Wedding Party

When you get engaged, you need to figure out who your sidekicks are going to be! You have to think about how many you want (I had 10 and yes I know that's a lot!), then who you want to ask and then you have to decide how you want to ask them! There are so many fun ways out there, so you should get your creative juices flowing and think of something cute. You can make something homemade or find something that suites your style.

I found these Rifle Paper Co. cards and fell in love:

There are also other great free printables out there or Etsy options you can purchase:

Wedding Chicks has some fun printables that you can customize.

Megan sent this fun card when she asked me! Love it!
Next you have to decide if you want to add anything fun to the card. Megan sent us adorable personalized makeup bags. I've also seen jewelry, planners and my cousin Jenny gave us cute diamond paper weights. Tons of options are out there, you just have to find your favorite. I went with a funny book and Ring Pops - had to work in a "diamond" ring somewhere!

The book is called "You Can Wear It Again" and it is full of fabulously bad bridesmaid dress. I made sure to sign the inside with a cute note, so it could be a cute keep sake!
The wrapping is an easy way to make your gifts look fabulous and full of your character. I went with my wedding colors and a personal touch with the initials.
I  found the great sticker template at For Chic Sake and it's a free printable, you just need sticker paper!
Photos via me.
I also needed to ask my flower girls and our little ring bearer if they would be a part of our special day. For the flower girls I did a cute book, some play jewelry and feather boas - of course!

Addie and Lillie needed a Lilly book! It's about wanting to be a flower girl.
Rifle Paper Co.
For the ring bearer I found this really cute book:

10 Cool Things About Being a Ring Bearer
I was so excited to ask everyone to be in our wedding - I hated that I had to wait for all these items to arrive! My friend Dana's package came back and I was going crazy because I wanted to tell her so badly. Dustin, on the other hand, just called his brothers and friends to be his groomsmen - guys don't get into the asking as much as girls, imagine that! I absolutely loved having a big wedding party and wouldn't have done it any other way.

Photo by Mark Luterman.

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