Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentine Making Party!

Girls' night was a success and there were some fabulous Valentine's made! This was one of my favorite parties to setup for and I think everyone had a fabulous time. Most of my supplies were found in the Target dollar section and at Michael's. Like I've said before, I love Valentine's Day because of the colors, so decorating for this party was a lot of fun. Plus, the decorations were mainly the crafting supplies.

Hung ribbons from the light for a festive look.

Glued sparkly pom poms to the tops of drink stirrers.
Used doilies to make some fun heart garland and of course had to have Valentine goody bags!

How to Make Glittered Champagne Bottles
Added glitter to the flower water for some extra sparkle.

Love this cute mailbox I found in the Target dollar section!
Balloons from the Dollar Tree add pops of color.
This Annie Glass tray was perfect for organizing the stickers. The bowls made fun candy dishes!

Yummy sugar cookies made by Rachel!
My favorite snack is popcorn and M&Ms - great party snack! I also made a bruschetta and Katy & Marcee brought a delicious dip.

Love the sparkling lemonade bottle from Fresh Market - bought it because it was cute! I also made some homemade chocolate cupcakes and used a cute cupcake set from Martha Stewart's JCPenny Collection to decorate. The plates are also from that collection.
Katy, Marcee, Rachael & Simone
Amy, Paige & Teddy
Jenna & Hailey
Amy & I
Some of the beautiful Valentines made by the ladies:

Best Valentine Maker: Miss Peyton!

Photos via me
It was a great night with great coworkers. A perfect way to end a work week! Hope this inspires you to make some character filled Valentines, and maybe if you are feeling really ambitious, throw together a quick Valentine craft party! Biggest tip for the night - lay paper down on the table, so when it is all over, you just have to fold it all up and throw it away. Oh, and prepare for your house to be covered in glitter!

Lots of Love,

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