Friday, January 3, 2014

Something Old and Somethings New

We always talk about new things when a new year rolls around, but before I do that, I thought I would talk about something old. Before I moved over to our current house, I was renting my dream house from my fabulous cousin, Kelly! She purchased the house when I was in high school and I dreamed of living there one day. It is any single girl's dream house because it is small and manageable with lots of character. There are two bedrooms, 1 bath, dining room, living room and a kitchen. The surprising part, a ginormous backyard. We used to call it the "farm" because it went back so far. Before I moved in, Kelly said I could pick colors to paint the walls because it was needing a fresh coat. I used the green color which is currently in our kitchen in all the rooms except the bedroom and bathroom. Those rooms were a light blue color. Since it was a smaller house, I wanted to make sure it all flowed together. I was living there solo, so I wanted to make it a girl's dream house. I shopped at The Plaid Giraffe, Pier 1, Anthropologie and World Market to find all things girly.

I loved that house and was sad to go. It was definitely hard going from a house that was completely repainted - walls & woodwork - before I moved in, to a house that needed a lot of paint! Snapping my fingers didn't work this time. It was a great house to learn how to be on my own, pay bills and decorate with my own style. I had some fun parties there and this is the house where I caved and said yes to getting a puppy - I needed a roommate!

Photos via me
On to the somethings new. The next couple months are packed full! Here are some of the fun things to expect:

  • We are currently painting our living room - go Dustin! It looks amazing and I am excited to share when it is put back together. No more random paint samples on the wall!
  • Baby Shower - my friend, Ashley, and I are throwing a baby shower at my house for mama-to-be, Anne. Can't give away details yet, but I'm loving what we have planned!
  • Valentine Making Party - When I was younger, I had a Valentine's Tea Party and I really wanted to do another Valentine's Party now as an adult - forget the tea and give us some wine! A couple days ago I was at Target with my mom, and we found amazing Valentines supplies in the dollar section. They seriously have amazing stuff right now! If you have young children who want to make homemade Valentines or if you like to make them homemade, go check it out now before all the good stuff is gone! For those of you that like a pre-made card, they have amazing cards as well - for only a dollar!
  • Our Master Bedroom - I just finished hanging up our pictures  and once we pick up all our clothes, I will make sure to share.
Very excited to see what 2014 will hold for us and our humble abode. I have a lot of ideas I would like to make reality, so I hope you are ready for the ride! Thanks again for your continued support.

Lots of Love,

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