Sunday, January 5, 2014

Painting the Fireplace!

While Dustin has been painting the walls, I decided to tackle the fireplace in our living room. If your fireplace is brick and already painted, then this project won't take longer than a couple hours. If it is still the original brick, it will take you a little longer because the brick soaks up a lot of paint. I definitely have an appreciation for my cousin, Jenny, who painted a whole brick wall!

Before (I put a line of the new white on there, so you can see how dingy it looked!):

How to paint the fireplace:
1. You need to prep and get your supplies ready. You will need a roller (make sure it's on the thicker side), paint brush, sponge brush, paint tray and paint. I also put a drop cloth on the floor to avoid messes.
2. Roll the fireplace with the roller to get the front of the brick:

3. Start working on filling in the spaces with the paint brush and sponge brush:

3. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until the fireplace looks completely covered. The sponge brush helps get the deeper spots on the bricks. Like I said earlier, if your fireplace is already is already painted this can be a quick update project. If you have raw brick, it is going to take longer and more coats.


Crank up some music or have a good TV show on - I was watching Love It or List It on HGTV and those problems were much worse than painting the fireplace!

We are getting very close on the living room and I am excited to share it with you when we are all done. Today we went to Lowe's for lighting and yesterday I found some fun art at Invio. I cannot wait until it is all done and cleaned up.

Lots of Love,

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