Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Favorite Painting Tips

Staring at our newly painted living room, I decided I should share some of our favorite painting tips that we've learned. That and my cousin's husband was mad at me for not sharing these with him before he tackled their nursery haha!

So here it is, the painting tips list from our house to yours:
  • Wait for a sale to purchase your paint, if you can wait and then stock up on the paint you will need soon. We love taking advantage of the 40% off sales at Sherwin Williams (They currently have 25% off if you are needing paint now).
  • Put a rubber band around the paint can to have something besides the side of the can to scrap your brush.
  • Add the pour helper onto the can of paint, we purchase ours at Sherwin Williams:
Photo via me
  • Make sure you are purchasing the correct roller brush for your wall type. If you have a bumpy/textured wall, you will need a thicker roller brush.
  • If you have a steady hand and feel comfortable, you don't have to put tape everywhere. This is mainly for your ceiling because tape can rip the ceiling - trust me, we learned this the hard way!
  • Our favorite brush for edging and tight areas is the short handled brush:

Sherwin Williams Short Handle Paint Brush

  • Use foil to cover things like door knobs, thermostats, hinges, etc.
  • To paint stripes, this is the best tape to avoid puckering and movement of the tape:

  • When you are done painting for the day, but not done overall, wrap your brushes and rollers with foil to keep them fresh. This avoids the dreaded cleaning every time you want to finish for the day.
  • Plastic floor covers that you can easily move around and reuse seem to be easier to use than the cloth drop cloths. They aren't as expensive and on the cloth, if paint spills it can start to seep through.
Have patience and love your spouse - they are at least trying and practice makes perfect! ;)

Hope this helps cut back a little of the time and frustration that comes along with painting!

Lots of Love,

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