Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fav Valentine's Party Pinterest Ideas

Sorry I have been away for a couple days - crazy weekend! I have been crafting away this evening, but on projects that are gifts, so I will have to wait to post. Don't want to ruin the surprises! As I mentioned in my New Year's post , I have a lot of fun shindigs coming up to host. Invitations went out for our friend's baby shower, so that planning is in full force. Plus, at the end of this month I am planning a Valentine girl's night. I wanted to share with you my personal favorite pins for the Valentine Making Party:

"Hershey Kiss" Cookies

Look the pom pom stirrers and sparkly bottles.

This is the party that inspired me to have an adult Valentine Making Party.

Like the idea of hanging ribbon down from my light to add a whimsical feel.

Such a cute girly party!

Add hearts to toothpicks or drink stirrers.
I'm excited to put this party together and to have fun crafting with some girlfriends over bubbly! Valentine's is the perfect holiday for a girl party because the colors are pretty. Everyone loves to receive a handmade Valentine, so spend some time this year getting creative! I will make sure to post the pictures from our party next month.
I have all my supplies ready to go:

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