Thursday, January 9, 2014

Artwork - Hangin' Around

With the living room painted, we can now finally hang some pictures! That is exactly what we spend our evening doing. It makes the rooms in our house look much more lived it, which I've been wanting. Artwork is a great way to show your personality. Whether it is a photo you took, a store bought canvas or an original painting, they all add some character to your room. First I thought I would share some favorite tips I've learned (mostly from the genius of Pinterest):
For a frame that has two hangers:

For a frame that has a hanging wire:

Hopefully those pointers will help next time you want to hammer a nail into your wall - don't worry I made a couple mistakes. The best advice my Aunt Sue gave me for home decorating was don't hang your pictures too high. They might seem low, but they should be lower than you'd expect. If they are up too high then they look out of place and awkward.

I wanted to share some of the fun pictures we have hanging around our house thus far - most of these were hung tonight and you are getting sneak peaks at the the living room and our bedroom paint colors...

Picked up these canvases at Invio.

Jayhawk Print from our family friend mentioned in this post.
Love this photograph from our favorite Mark Luterman.

Found this cute artwork at a local estate sale.

Fun Owl find from Pier 1.
Another fun canvas from Pier 1.
Framed some painting my friend Laura and I bought in Central Park while in NYC last fall. If you are around the area the street paintings are cheap and you can find pretty ones that make fun art.
Picked up this print on our honeymoon while visiting St. John's. We loved how it reminded us of my old little white house with yellow shutters. Finding a great art print is a good memory from a vacation.
I adore these elephants from Parima Studio.
They are hung on either side of our bed above the nightstands.

To add some dimension to the prints, I added some pretty paper I purchased at Social Manor.
I love our current collection of random art prints and I am definitely on the hunt for more. To check out my current wish list, check out my {Pretty Prints} Pinterest board!

Tomorrow is Friday - finally!!!

Lots of Love,

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