Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Party Crashing - Kim's NYE!

My friend, Kim, is working on her New Year's decorations and I had to share! She found a great website for New Year's Eve printables and printed off her favorite labels and photo booth props:

Free New Year's Eve Printables

Here are some of the fun pictures she sent over to me - all the labels and props come from the website above:

A cute way to add some NYE character to your wine & champagne bottles!

Photo wall!
These turned out great! You just have to print, cut out and add to skewers or straws.

Great use of a chalkboard wall - love her handwriting!
And last, but not least the glittery craft projects! I absolutely love how these glasses turned out, even if it meant getting glitter everywhere. She also added glitter to the bottom of her balloons for a sparkly touch and to help weight them down.

Looks like she is ready for her New Year's Eve! Love the look and how it all ties in together - very glitter glamour. Printables are easy, so if you are stressing about last minute details, use those! There are lots of good ideas on that website.

Photos by Kim

One more day of 2013 - do something exciting with it!

Lots of Love,

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