Saturday, December 14, 2013

Party Crasher!

Photos via Lacy
My cousin's beautiful little girl, Lillie, turned 3 in November and Lacy threw her an amazing birthday party! I had to share it with you! Lacy was very creative (per usual) and put together quite the ice cream party. Lillie also has a love for Minnie Mouse, so that was incorporated as well. They live in Phoenix, so I had to live through the pictures.

Check out the fabulous decorations put together for the 3 year old bash:

How adorable is that party favor table! If you are having an ice cream party, the Ice Cream Heads bath products are a great favor and they are something that would actually be used. I also love the idea of framing the invitation - you work so hard to find or make cute ones, why not display them. Side note, I'm obsessed with those chairs!

Food table was equally wonderful! The tulle poofs added a pop of color and I love how she made the ones on the table into ice cream cones. The little cups hold fruit and the fun polka dot paper is a cheap way to add some character to your tables.

On the outside, she lined the sidewalk with homemade ice cream cones. How creative and festive are these! You take a paper lantern, cover with a decoration (she used sparkly pom pom balls) and then put them on top of a large paper made cone. Put them on stakes to help them stand up in your yard.

Love a good Minnie Mouse cake and of course an ice cream party needs ice cream with cones! Putting the cones in a glass container is an easy decoration. With little ones, paper bowls are always a good option to have handy and you might as well find cute ones.

Best party decoration of all, the birthday girl! Look at this party dress:

Love you Lacy & Lillie - so impressed by your party throwing abilities! Have fun in Disneyland this week :)

Lots of Love,

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