Sunday, December 29, 2013

NYE Party Crafting!

I followed through on some of the fabulous ideas I posted yesterday on my New Year's Eve Party Ideas blog, and oh my gosh, I love how everything turned out! I've posted today, so you can last minute craft before your New Year's. Once I found everything I needed, the crafting part was really easy. On my hunt, The Dollar Tree was the best place for party supplies:

They also were perfect for some of the crafting supplies - I will label which items came from there on the "How To" sections below.

First up, my favorite, the confetti champagne! Needed Supplies:

Found a fun use for the chalkboard wall!
Lay something down for your mess area. First step, cover the bottle with Mod Podge (or something similar). I used a sponge brush for easy application and make sure it's thick enough for it to be really sticky.

Next is the fun party! Over a bowl, start sprinkling the confetti onto the bowl. Keep reapplying until the bottle is covered. You will have to let it dry before shaking off the excess confetti. I bought the bag of confetti from Party City and it worked really well. I've also heard of cutting up the fringe curtains if you can't find the confetti.

While I had the confetti and Mod Podge out, I continued on to the confetti balloons. You need the same supplies plus balloons:

I bought black helium balloons from Party City (make sure to ask for the High Lift if the party isn't that same day). You do the same process as the bottle, but keep in mind that you don't want them to weigh too much. They won't float up if you add too much glitter. These turned out very fun and festive:

On the other balloons, I wrote on them with a gold Sharpie marker. I was struggling at first with the marker, but realized you had to use it for a little bit to rub off the initial coating. I recommend doing this on paper. Definitely popped a couple balloons in my face, so make sure you don't press hard! Once the Sharpie worked, they turned out really fun. I love the look of the balloons and champagne:

My initial plan for NYE head pieces was to be lame and just purchase a NYE kit from Party City, but upon going there and looking at them, I decided I'd rather do something more creative and cheaper - those kits are overpriced, as well as the packs of their crowns, headbands and hats. I bought one top hat for the guys to use in the fun pictures. I then remembered a pin on Pinterest for mini hats. Since basic party hats were so expensive at Party City, I drove back to The Dollar Tree (luckily it was nearby) and picked up the needed supplies.

Mini Party Hats
Basic Party Hats ($1 for 8 at The Dollar Tree)
Headbands ($1 for 4 at The Dollar Tree)
Hole Punch
Decorations such as tinsel, washi tape, pom poms, stickers, etc.
Hot Glue Gun

Cut the big party hat down to about half, or as big or small as you want the mini hat to be. Then hole punch on each side, so you are able to slide it onto the headband. Then decorate! I used tinsel I found at The Dollar Tree and pom pom toothpicks I had leftover from the Fancy Nancy Party:

We will have festive head attire for the NYE par-tay! I also found cute paper tiaras while I was back at The Dollar Tree looking for the party hats. I will make sure to get pictures of people wearing all the fun head gear!

Final (and easiest) craft project for the night? Adding number stickers to the plastic wine glasses I picked up from, you guessed it, The Dollar Tree. $1 for a pack of 6. I also got the fun vintage style champagne glasses (you can see them in the picture up top). I had some glitter number stickers at home.To make countdown glasses, you just stuck the numbers on:

I am very excited to bring all the decorations over to Rachel's house and setup for the party! It is going to look very fun and sparkly! If you haven't started preparing yet, there is still time. These character filled projects are inexpensive and easy. At least spice up your bottle of champagne! (You can buy the cheap stuff if you cover the label! haha)

Photos by me

Lots of Love,

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