Monday, December 9, 2013

Not Quite Clark Griswold!

We might not be as crazy as the Griswold family, but I think our house turned out pretty cute for our first Christmas here! We went through with the wreaths on each window and luckily, Thanksgiving weekend the weather was decent (unlike the freezing weather now!). I think it looks pretty classic:

Plaid bows added a traditional touch! Info in my Christmas Decoration Ideas post.
We hung them by drilling a hole and screwing in these twist hooks. We then tied a clear plastic string into a loop knot so it could be slipped onto the hook, and tied the other end around the wreath. The loop made it so Dustin could slip the wreaths on the hooks easily on the top floor windows. I made a template wreath on one window and then tied the rest on the window next to it, so I could make sure they were the same height.
Next we come inside to check out the tree! I love having a fun and bright tree to add some cheer to our house. I bought these decorations a couple years ago while living in my other house, so I am fully aware that they are a little girly! This is also my first very own live tree...

Got my new tinsel topper at Target this year!

The tree skirt I bought at Target and it is actually a table cloth - it was under $20 and the skirt I wanted was $40...definitely a better deal! I need to get some packages under there.
Saw an idea on Pinterest to hang garland around open doorways - added more character to the room!
Had a hard time getting Teddy to cooperate for his annual tree pic!
Thought this saying was the best fit for our current weather!
Details in my I Love Gold post!
Ribbon Candy! Pretty and cheap decoration!

Let us know if you have any fun Holiday decoration ideas to share! Making your house cheery and bright gets you into the Holiday spirit! I spent tonight addressing Christmas cards and this week I'm going to work on wrapping presents - hopefully they turn out and I can share. Now pour some hot tea or cocoa and cozy up to a holiday classic movie or book!

Lots of Love,

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