Sunday, December 1, 2013


Yesterday, Dustin and I started to tackle the carpet project for the office. The one where I decided, "Hey we don't need to pay someone to do this!" Last night after a lot of measuring, cutting and pushing carpet into place, we started to question that decision. Cutting carpet to exactly fit into a room is very difficult, and then on top of that, you have to pull it back up so you can put the glue down. We started to get delirious last night around 11 pm while trying to cut out the closet area and decided to call it a night.

Since it was beautiful out today, we decided to have a day away from the office and worked on holiday decorations instead (I will save those details for another post!).  Or so I thought... I left to go rock out at the John Mayer concert and came home to our carpet finished! At some point, Dustin got the manpower and crazy mind to go in and tackle the rest of the carpet himself. He finished cutting around the last wall and then glued it all down. I should seriously leave him home alone more often!
How amazing is our office looking:

Photo via me
We still have a couple finishing touches to the carpet, but I'll probably come home late from work tomorrow, so maybe it will all be done! Then we will be ready to move in everything and get the final touches done - including some fun writing on the chalkboard wall! I'm so excited that this is all coming together and we no longer have that dirty shag carpet that hid everything you dropped on it. This was definitely a productive break. If Dustin and I can install new carpet, you can go out and tackle that home project you've been scared to do...unless it involves plumbing or intense electrical work, then you might at least consult a professional first!

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