Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wedding Photo Book

I am so excited because I just put together my "for fun" wedding photo book! My amazing photographer, Mark Luterman, took hundreds of great photos and I have loved looking through them. He is helping me with my fancy wedding book (can't wait to get it!), but I needed something fun to give our parents and to fill with all the extra photos. It includes the rehearsal dinner, bridal brunch, wedding ceremony and dancing the night away. I decided to step away from my usual and try a new company that I've seen all over Pinterest - Artifact Uprising. It is a start up photo book company and the simplicity of their books is what caught my eye. They are simple and gorgeous. This is the style I used:

Image via Artifact Uprising
They also have great books for travel, I'm obsessed with this VIVA cover:

Image via Artifact Uprising
If you have a kiddo to make a book for, this style is very fun:

Image via Artifact Uprising
They also have Instagram friendly books (I want to make one for all my fun Bach Partay pics!):

Image via Artifact Uprising

If you have 50+ pictures to use, they are great because they are for books that have 50-150 pages. Their book editor is pretty basic and it can take a little time, but the pages are simple so that saves time.

Here is a sneak peak at the back & front of mine:

If you have photos that you want to organize, but aren't sure what to with them, this is the investment to make! The book will add character to any book shelf or coffee table.

For those interested, I am adding a page called "Our Wedding" where I will put some of our photos!

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