Friday, November 29, 2013

Office Update - Paint!

With the day off, Dustin and I decided to get more work done on the office. Last weekend, we started the process by taking down the wood trim that was across the middle of the walls. It was glued down pretty well and ripped off part of the walls when we removed it. Do not put that stuff up unless you really love it! It is a pain. Yesterday, Dustin put putty over the spots that were torn off and smoothed it out. Then he sanded it down, so we would be ready to paint over smooth walls.
This morning (after sleeping in really late!) we started painting. We are now done with the Posy colored walls and it looks great! I am loving the look and where the room is going:

One of my favorite handy tools while painting is the pouring helper. It is cheap and I got mine at Sherwin Williams. You just snap it into the edge and then it helps when you go to pour your paint into the tray - definitely helps with the mess!

Currently working on the chalkboard wall and will post that tomorrow when we have it completed!

I did venture out today around noon for a couple items I wanted to shop for. Honestly, I don't know why people spend their Thanksgiving in line because I went to Target today and got everything I wanted on sale. Plus, it wasn't crazy busy and I didn't wait in line! I also stopped by a fun furniture on consignment store here called Invio. I found THE perfect lamps for my office:

I am so excited and will use these beauties on our desks. Love a fun find at a local store!
Hope no one got trampled trying to find their Black Friday goodies!

Lots of Love,

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