Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Office Update: Lighting

Went to World Market the other day with my mom and grandma. I think I found my ceiling light for the office! They have great options if you are looking for a fun pop of color. I fell in love the minute I saw them and then fell deeply in love when I saw the price tags!

Photos via me @ World Market
For the office I am liking the turquoise blue with the hint of gold top side. I am keeping that green one in mind for the kitchen. Maybe I can sneak the hot pink one into the laundry room without the man of the house noticing....

I am also loving this lamp shade for one of the desk lights:

Photo via World Market
Looks like they are having a sale on lights and shades this week, so I will need to go check it out. I have unpacked one of the big boxes in the office, so that is one step closer haha!

Lots of Love and for all you Jayhawk fans, RCJH!

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