Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Office Space

I am doing the unthinkable and posting the messiest room in my house. Why you ask...because I need to get it unpacked and made up. If I tell you all that I'm going to do it, it will give me the needed motivation. Sadly, this room is where I blog to you about the cute home projects I am working on. Please do not judge us too harshly, I just moved in a few months ago and had the whole wedding thing to get through. We haven't done a single thing to the office except setup our computer and printers, plus dump a bunch of boxes full of my arts and craft supplies. The good news is my mind is brewing with cute ideas and since I'm the one tackling the project, Dustin said he doesn't care what I do! (He is such a great husband!)
I guess I will start with the dreaded room and then I will share my ideas with you. This is where you come in, please give me feedback on what you like!

The before...
Yes I put my cute dog in front to distract you :)
Ok, so the room has great bones. I just need to get my stuff organized inside of it and get rid of the blah colors. Here are the pieces of furniture I have to work with: White desk, black desk, white desk chair (cute cushion included!) and a cute six cube shelf, plus all of our gadgets - Dustin assured me they are wireless so I am free to move them about. Oh and an exercise bike...not sure how we are going to work that one in! HELP!!

I am going to go paint shopping this weekend because Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off sale (yay!) and I need to pick the color scheme. I also need to figure out the plan with the carpet. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of our house, this room does not have hardwood floor hiding under that shaggy carpet. The carpet is dingy and needs to go. At first I was going to get a rug, but a room this size I think it would be better to just replace the carpet. Then I can get a smaller rug to use if I wanted more color. Thoughts on the best place to find pretty and reasonable carpet??

I am struggling between two different inspirations...

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest finds:

I love this...white with pops of color.
Image via Adore Home Online
Green might be my favorite color...
Image via Adore Home Online
I am thinking about doing one wall as a chalkboard!
Photo via The Chronicles of Home
White with pops of color
Photo via Houzz
Makes me happy
Photo via everything LEB

Please let me know what ideas you would be much appreciated because I have too many at the moment!

Lots of Love,


  1. I like the last fabulous office and love the fun chalkboard wall idea! Maybe the Kate Spade for an office.....

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