Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Love Gold!

Dustin and I need long breaks from work more often because we are busting through projects! My new favorite spray paint color is metallic gold. If spray painting didn't hurt my fingers so much, I would spray paint all my furniture gold! Okay, maybe that is extreme, but I am loving this look. I took some old chairs that Dustin's grandma gave us - his grandparents are always helping us find cool antique furniture - and decided they needed a new chic look for our office:

Images via me
Talk about a transformation and for only $4! That is how much the can of spray paint cost. Speaking of spray paint, I finally found a gold spray paint that I like:

Image via me - purchased paint at Home Depot
Since I was already planning on using gold, my mom had me help her with an idea she found for her mantel:

Image via Traditional Home
She loves the look of the gold pine cones on a mantel with the garland for Christmas. We had some big pine cones, so I sprayed away. They turned out perfect!



Images via me
I think those will look great on her mantel and I will make sure to post a picture when we get done decorating. I'm even going to keep some for our house! Hopefully all this talk of gold gets you into the holiday mood and you can think of something that could use a little gold character!

On another note, my rock star husband has been busting his you know what on our office:
First I came home to our chalkboard wall finished and our fun light hung up:

Then while I was outside spray painting, he got all the carpet ripped out:

It is turning out better than we imagined! I can't wait to get our new carpet in (hopefully tomorrow and hopefully we don't glue ourselves to the floor!).

I will keep all of you posted and thanks again for being awesome motivation!

Lots of Love,

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