Saturday, November 9, 2013

Home for the Holidays - Target Style

Today I was at my favorite store, Target, and noticed they had some snazzy home decor for the holiday time. They have great items for this time of year when you want your house to feel more cozy and holiday-ish, but you don't want full on Christmas decorations out. I snagged the very cool pink Threshold glass accent tables for my mom and they were on sale - $41, steal! I bought two, so she could use them for a coffee table look in her back sitting area. The rest of these items are pieces I thought would be great for having guests over for a cocktail hour during this time of year. Whether it's a drink before going out, Thanksgiving, a Christmas party or just a fun girls night, you want your casa to have some holiday character! Get over to your closest Target or get online before these finds are ripped off the shelves:

1. Threshold Entertaining Collection 2. Threshold Mercury Glass Hurricane 3. Threshold Set of 3 Mirrors 4. Threshold Beverage Tub 5. Chalkboard Beverage Dispenser 6. Threshold Cocktail Shaker 7. Threshold Dotted Martini Glass 8. Threshold Green Serving Tray 9. Threshold™ Glass Faux Agate Accent Table

Office Update:
I think I found carpet that I really like from Jabara's Carpet Outlet - found it in the outlet stock rolls, so rock on price wise!
Went to Sherwin Williams today and picked out two colors to try out (The Posy they did 50% so it's lighter):

Lighter Mint
Let me know if you have thoughts! I wanted to find a shade that was almost white, but had a touch of color to it. Putting them on the walls, that is what they look like. I am leaning towards the barely there pink look because I think it would go with the wood work and give the room a little warmth. Trust me when I say it isn't going to look like a PINK room. It's a very light tint to add a little warmth to the walls. I also bought the chalkboard paint today, so that wall is happening!

Hopefully tomorrow I will get a little further on actually cleaning out the room.....dun dun dun!

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