Thursday, November 14, 2013

Have You Met Ted?

It's about time I gave our favorite little guy a shout out! Teddy is our little Maltipoo that we got 2 1/2 years ago. He brings a smile to our face every time we come home (even if he rips up a bunch of toilet paper all over the place haha) and we love having him around! Once you look at his pictures, you will understand where the name comes from! We fell in love with him the minute we met him and his personality is the best! He is chill and just loves to hangout. He will cuddle with you on the couch, or go on a long walk through the park. One of the best purchases we ever made! We looked at the local shelter in town, but they only had big dogs at the time and I wasn't ready for that big of a jump. Dustin decided I needed a dog that would look like a puppy forever and one that wouldn't shed. This brought me to Poodle Palace Pups, a local breeder. She currently has a couple available if you are needing a Christmas puppy!

Look how little he was!

We got him when I was wanting a puppy to keep me company at my old house. Some how I ended up with a little white fluffy dog as my watchdog. He's actually pretty good at it and my friends joked that maybe a burglar would think his bark was a big dog stepping on a squeaky toy! Check out his mad neighborhood watch skills below:

When we was a little pup he loved jumping into my flower bed - I decided this made for a perfect picture on my credit card:

I love when Mr. Tedders has really shaggy hair, but that usually means it is time for a haircut. I get so sad when he has to get a haircut! He always looks little a girl poodle and not his quirky self:

Best picture ever and he looks way cooler in the picture than he actually felt - he might have freaked when we put him on the raft to float around!

Our little house butler (Halloween 2012)...

Our little Tedster has become apart of our family and even my mom is obsessed! She was never really much of a dog lover, but I'm pretty sure she loves Teddy more than me. The key to telling your parents you got a new puppy is to show them before you tell them! Then they will fall in love with how adorable they are before critiquing you about how much work they will be. (Keep in mind this is for adults that live on their own & can afford a dog - if you are still living with your parents, you should let them know beforehand!) Big or small, a dog can add some excitement and love to your household. You have to be able to take care of he or she and you have to be able to give them unconditional love. They will do things that drive you crazy (Teddy shredded a whole box of tampons the other day all over the upstairs!), but you have to take a deep breath and let it go. Dogs will love you unconditionally if you care for them and they will cuddle with you when you're in need! Love you Teddy :)

Office Project Update: Bought our carpet today!!! Fingers crossed the glue method they told me to use will work, but if not, the glue was an $8 investment and I can go the other way.

Lots of Love,

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