Monday, November 4, 2013

Fancy Nancy Party!

So crazy me decided to plan a surprise party for my fabulous mother right when I got back from our honeymoon. I'm so glad I did because she was so surprised!! It turned out amazing and she loved it! My mom's name is Nancy and of course she fell in love with Fancy Nancy books the minute she spotted them on the book shelves at Target - she sends the books to all her nieces! When I got back from our honeymoon, my Aunt Mary & I decided Nancy needed a fancy party. I started a secret Pinterest board (Fancy Nancy Board) and it evolved. The night I got back (to!), I had to design the invitations and get them sent out ASAP! I started searching for the perfect Fancy Nancy party supplies. Here is how it all turned out (and yes, she was completely surprised!):

I of course used my chalkboard table runner paper! It adds so much fun to any party and you can read about it more on my Halloween blog post. I love drawing scallops around things and writing what the food items are. The flowers were from the fabulous and wonderful Plaid Giraffe and all the fun pink candy was from the Nifty Nut House. The Chinese food was provided from P.F. Changs and those fortune cookies were a great form of entertainment later in the night! ( bed!)

How do you show people you are into details? Add rhinestone stickies to pink plastic forks from the Dollar Tree! (Thank you to my friend Paige for adding them to the forks when we were in crunch time!) Also, these pom-pom picks from Party City were a huge hit and I basically served cheese just so I could use them!

The adorable cupcakes and mini cake came from our local grocery store, Dillons...$10 for everything, so worth it!!! Remember they are basic and delicious and at adult parties, people rarely eat the cake, so don't spend a million dollars on them! The fun sparkler candles came from Party City and sparkle 5-0 came from Wal-Mart. Don't my Annie Glass serving pieces look amazing?! Thank you everyone who got those for us as wedding presents (and to The Plaid Giraffe for carrying that amazing line!) They seriously make the most basic thing look to die for.

A coworker gave me the incredible idea to turn my baker's rack into a bar and it works perfect for parties! I love how it looked and it was so fun with my MacKenzie polka rose goblets (another Plaid Giraffe goodie) and my fun chalkboard beverage urn (Target). I love that you can write what drink people are enjoying! Since it was a surprise party, I also framed the invitation, so the guest of honor could see it - easy decoration!

I followed a Pinterest idea and filled water balloons up then froze them. Fun color, but be careful because the balloon might split around the ice if you mess with it too much. Turned out cute though!

Birthday tiaras are a must and I got a Fancy Nancy book for everyone to sign! Easy table filler, plus it gives the birthday girl a fun memory from her birthday.


Pinata was amazing and I filled it with fun salt water taffy, chocolate coins and shooters! Perfect for an adult party and some good laughs! Big confetti also helps to make it festive.

Parties need a "photo booth" and we made a fringe wall to make it happen. It was possible because I read this blog: Fringe Backdrop. Also made possible by my friend Hailey and her sewing machine! Props are also a necessity and I picked up all of those at the Dollar Tree...minus my Kate Spade sunnies I threw in there for fun! It made for fun pictures and here are some with the birthday girl and her fav children:

Overall the party had a ton of character and I am so happy with how it turned out! Here are a few party ideas to keep in mind:
Balloons should be purchased from the Dollar Tree - Cheap & Fun!
You can make any food look fabulous with pretty serving pieces.
Cakes & Cupcakes can look fabulous from grocery stores.
Pinatas at grown up parties deserve some booze!
Every birthday girl deserves a tiara!!!

Lots of Love,


  1. I loved reading about the party! You are such a creative girl. Thanks for counting me in on the guest list. I had a fabulous time and I wasn't even the the birthday girl! Celinda

  2. Mary! This is soooooo great!! I love it, you are such a sweet daughter. Hope all is well. Love from London.... kelsey

  3. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck. Photo Booth Chicago


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