Monday, November 18, 2013

5d Office Design

On my new Chromebook (so fun!) I downloaded a new app called Planner 5D and it is amazing! I was able to make a layout design of the office to share with you. The furniture and colors aren't exact, but they are pretty dang close! So excited to share:

I want to put my white desk on the wall next to the door because that is what you see when you first come upstairs.  I have a small TV we can hang on that wall or we can look into an upgrade (that one is for the hubby!). Then we can have his bike facing that wall and he can play Xbox - yes he exercises and plays video least he is good at multitasking!
On the opposite wall, I am going to use the chalkboard paint. We will put Dustin's black desk against that wall and I have a couple antique chairs that I want to spray paint gold. We will put our desktop computer on that desk. The main pops on this wall will be the gold painted chairs and the writing on the chalkboard wall.
I am thinking about painting my white chair a light pink or turquoise blue to add a pop of color. I have cube shelves to put on the back wall and we have a big photo printer that will sit on top of it. I will find fun artwork to put on the walls and I think a cute clock would be fun since it is an office. I also want to put in the fun gold and turquoise light I found at World Market.

I hope you all love the floor plan idea that I have, feel free to leave feedback!

Lots of Love,

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