Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Love Gold!

Dustin and I need long breaks from work more often because we are busting through projects! My new favorite spray paint color is metallic gold. If spray painting didn't hurt my fingers so much, I would spray paint all my furniture gold! Okay, maybe that is extreme, but I am loving this look. I took some old chairs that Dustin's grandma gave us - his grandparents are always helping us find cool antique furniture - and decided they needed a new chic look for our office:

Images via me
Talk about a transformation and for only $4! That is how much the can of spray paint cost. Speaking of spray paint, I finally found a gold spray paint that I like:

Image via me - purchased paint at Home Depot
Since I was already planning on using gold, my mom had me help her with an idea she found for her mantel:

Image via Traditional Home
She loves the look of the gold pine cones on a mantel with the garland for Christmas. We had some big pine cones, so I sprayed away. They turned out perfect!



Images via me
I think those will look great on her mantel and I will make sure to post a picture when we get done decorating. I'm even going to keep some for our house! Hopefully all this talk of gold gets you into the holiday mood and you can think of something that could use a little gold character!

On another note, my rock star husband has been busting his you know what on our office:
First I came home to our chalkboard wall finished and our fun light hung up:

Then while I was outside spray painting, he got all the carpet ripped out:

It is turning out better than we imagined! I can't wait to get our new carpet in (hopefully tomorrow and hopefully we don't glue ourselves to the floor!).

I will keep all of you posted and thanks again for being awesome motivation!

Lots of Love,

Friday, November 29, 2013

Office Update - Paint!

With the day off, Dustin and I decided to get more work done on the office. Last weekend, we started the process by taking down the wood trim that was across the middle of the walls. It was glued down pretty well and ripped off part of the walls when we removed it. Do not put that stuff up unless you really love it! It is a pain. Yesterday, Dustin put putty over the spots that were torn off and smoothed it out. Then he sanded it down, so we would be ready to paint over smooth walls.
This morning (after sleeping in really late!) we started painting. We are now done with the Posy colored walls and it looks great! I am loving the look and where the room is going:

One of my favorite handy tools while painting is the pouring helper. It is cheap and I got mine at Sherwin Williams. You just snap it into the edge and then it helps when you go to pour your paint into the tray - definitely helps with the mess!

Currently working on the chalkboard wall and will post that tomorrow when we have it completed!

I did venture out today around noon for a couple items I wanted to shop for. Honestly, I don't know why people spend their Thanksgiving in line because I went to Target today and got everything I wanted on sale. Plus, it wasn't crazy busy and I didn't wait in line! I also stopped by a fun furniture on consignment store here called Invio. I found THE perfect lamps for my office:

I am so excited and will use these beauties on our desks. Love a fun find at a local store!
Hope no one got trampled trying to find their Black Friday goodies!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Table

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day with family or friends. If you are too far away, get on Skype and have some good face time! I spent the morning setting up our Thanksgiving day table with my mom. We had so much fun!

For the napkins, I had seen a cute idea to use rosemary instead of a napkin ring:

Flowers, we found some great options at the grocery store: Leucadendrum Safary Sunset, Hypericum, Classic Greens & Mat Sumoto

For the smaller vases, I thought that kale would be a fun pop of color (cheap option with a lot of impact):

I decided to use my chalkboard table runner again because I wanted to play with place settings:

Here is the table all together:

Decided to bring over my fabulous new Juliska pottery from our Plaid Giraffe wedding registry. It is great for a Thanksgiving look:

To add a fall touch, I spray painted the little pumpkins I had left from Halloween. I taped the bottoms of them off and sprayed the tops with gold. That way you still see the orange:

The tastiest decoration, my grandma's homemade chocolate pie:

Hopefully you saw some ideas to add some character to your table! So thankful for all my readers, Happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Kitchen: Before & After

I got around to taking some pictures of our kitchen yesterday and thought I would share! When we bought our house I definitely had a vision for our kitchen and it was basically the complete opposite of what we started with. I saw that it had good bones and knew with a little paint we could make it exactly what we wanted.

The Before...

The After...

Replacing that terrible back door was the first thing we did. Next, we hired an amazing woman to paint our cabinets white. After discussing, we decided we didn't want to risk ruining our cabinets by doing it ourselves, and it worked out because the girl we used was affordable and professional. We then decided to use the green from my last house because it worked so well with white wood work. The pictures are showing the green darker than how it looks in person. We had Sherwin Williams match Valspar's Jalapeno Jelly:

The favorite parts of our kitchen are all the little touches:

MacKenzie Childs is obviously a favorite of mine! Their White Flower Market pattern is a great look with my color scheme. I am also obsessed with the Courtly Check Square Hanging Lamps we decided to use in our windows. They add so much character! The gold polka dot Heirloom Water Glasses are also MacKenzie Childs and were favorites on our wedding registry. The green glasses are Juliska and are beautiful for everyday drinkware. The zebra and giraffe are salt and pepper shakers from Kate Spade's home collectionIf you are local, all these pieces can be found at The Plaid Giraffe!
The Campbell's Soup cans a-la Andy Warhol style were a fun find at Target a while back and I love the pop of color they add. Mrs. Meyer's soap is such a cute addition to any sink and no paper towel roll should be without a beautiful base! The green Kitchen Aid Mixer is the cutest appliance I own (and the only one I really love having on our countertops). I love our kitchen and we are in the progress of designing a kitchen island which will make it that much better (and functional).

The kitchen is where families spend a lot of time, so I think they should have a lot of character and suit your personality. You can do big transformations or small things here or there. Adding a cute soap or some fun canisters can make you smile - which can be needed while slaving away in the kitchen!

Lots of Love,