Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Little Haunted House!

Finally, the week of Halloween is here! We spent the weekend decorating our house and making it look like Pinterest ideas threw up all over it...we love it! To help you all out with some cheap, last minute decorating ideas I will share our favorites...

Drilled Pumpkins
I saw the idea on Pinterest to drill holes in pumpkins and loved it. Once the hard part of cleaning out the pumpkins is complete, all you have to do is take a drill (fully charged - my impatience killed me with this one) and drill your pattern into the pumpkin. It's that easy! Here are some of the pictures of Hailey and I making a mess:

The patterns I decided to go with are below - you can do anything your haunted heart desires. I personally love  the flowers! They look best with six circles around the center. Also liked the vertical lines with small holes between the big ones. To clear out the holes better, we used q-tips and poked them through. It also will help your pumpkins if you put two tea light candles inside, instead of one. Since the holes aren't very big, it helps to have more light.  We also made a few jack-o-lanterns that turned out really classic and cute!

Shadow Monsters
We have big windows on the front of our house, so we thought it would be fun to make the shadow monster silhouettes I have seen all over Pinterest. These turned out fun and are so cheap to make! All you need is black poster board, a pencil, tape and scissors. You just draw out the shapes, cut them out and tape them up in your windows. Remember to keep your lights on, so they show up. Tonight I was outside and heard someone say "Oh look at their monsters!" Made my Halloween spirit jump for joy! I think they make our house have great haunted character...

Other Spooky Decorations
We found the spider web light last year on sale, as well as the creepy "Mr. Jeeves" (Dustin came up with the name). He is so creepy and Teddy is going to lose his voice barking at him! On the other windows, we taped up a bunch of paper spiders from Martha Stewart's Halloween Craft Collection. To keep kids off the newly seeded yard (aka saving Dustin's hard work!), we taped it off with caution tape. Adds a scary feel to the house and last year we had a kid yell "Someone died!?" which made the tape totally worth it.

Well, hopefully you are able to add a little spooky Halloween character to your house this year, even if it is just a solo pumpkin. It is fun to enjoy the fall and have a little spirit! Before we decorated, Hailey and Jake convinced us to go get lost in a corn maze. It definitely got me into the fall mood! Shout out to my DIY partner in crime for making some awesome jack-o-lanterns!

Lots of Love,

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