Thursday, October 24, 2013

Once Upon a Lawn Mower

Out for a business trip today, so I thought it would be easier to share a funny story instead of a DIY:
When we first bought our house, there were new things we had to decide on and purchase. Since I was taking over the decorating inside, I said Dustin could be in charge of deciding on a lawn mower. I thought that meant going to the hardware store and picking one up... Little did I know it meant weeks of research!
The first idea Dustin came up with was a manual mower, you know the kind that are pushed and don't have any power. Yea, I killed that one quick and luckily his dad agreed. It would take him days to mow the front yard, let alone the back!
The next idea, an electric lawn mower that you had to plug in. This idea would not die. His dad didn't help as much this time because he said he didn't know how they would do. I was just imagining Dustin having to carry a cord (probably plugged in an outlet in our living room) through our big yard while trying to push the mower. He tried to argue the benefits, "it won't be loud, I won't have to buy gas for it, watch this video it looks great!" Why couldn't we just buy a normal lawn mower!!
I was worried he'd spend hundreds of dollars on this goofy one and then be sick of it after a few times messing with the cord. He wasn't going to give up because he wanted to prove me wrong. If it didn't do a good job cutting grass, he probably would have gone outside and cut it by hand in the dark. I gave up and said fine, but he had to promise he'd use it. He made the order and a few days later the lime green gem showed up. He was like a kid on Christmas, for a lawn mower! I had to go to a baby shower and he was pumped to go mow. At the shower my friend, Ashley, asked me if he ended up buying it. We got a good laugh because we had tried so hard to convince him it was a bad idea! Her husband had used one before and hated it.
Driving home, I called Dustin to check in. He sounded less than thrilled. I waited a little bit before asking about it. He gets mad and cries "It wouldn't even turn on!" I shouldn't have, but of course I asked if he had tried another outlet... He didn't find it amusing. I had won the battle and that silly thing was going back! He promised to ship it back and go get a normal lawn mower that weekend. Of course I walked in on him doing more research on the computer, but eventually he went to buy one. It has worked great ever since :)
I'm sure electric and manual mowers can work wonders for people, but when you have a large yard and an old house with limited outlets, not so much!

Lots of Love,

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