Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adding Sunshine to the Sun Room!

One of the first projects I decided to take on to add some character to our new house was updating the sun room. It was a blank canvas with a lot of potential and I wanted it to be fabUlous! Since it is full of windows, I decided white walls would be best. That meant I needed to add the touch of fun to the ceiling...what to do??? I started looking through Pinterest and my initial (and crazy) idea was to wallpaper the ceiling. I started the search for fun wallpaper, but was struggling to find one I loved. Then I saw a black & white stripe wall pin and I fell in love!

After deciding on what to do for the paint, I needed to find some great pieces to put into the room. I found great vintage chairs that I (with help from my amazing friend Hailey) vamped up. Then I started adding in fun pieces like the rug, table, lamp and shelf decorations. Eventually, it became the perfect little sun room for cocktails and gossip!

Here is a sneak peak of the before and after... I will breakdown all the DIYs in future posts this week!

Lots of Love,

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