Monday, June 19, 2017

Bachelorette Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, a group of friends and I headed to Denver to celebrate our friend's last fling before the ring! The maid of honor, Paige, reached out wanting some fun items to decorate with and of course I wanted to help. I sent lots of fun options her way and she picked some favorites that we shipped off to Colorado. The bride, Amy, is a good friend and we wanted to make it a special weekend away!

We stayed in a modern Airbnb in a fun neighborhood in Denver. The main floor was open and great for setting up our bachelorette scene. When you are setting up in a hotel or Airbnb, it is good to find a shelf or desk to use for your decorations. If you only have items to hang, you can always do that above a sitting area if you have one in the room (see past blog post for hotel setup). Paige picked out some of our new tissue tassel garland to match with a fun gold letter banner. The new tassel banners are great are great because they become pre-made and are easy to use right away. I added some pink confetti for a party look and wanted to try out one of our new "party" script holographic balloons. It all came together and set a fun party mood!

Amy's other maid of honor, Leah, collected pictures from everyone and had them printed to be hung up. People sent in cute and funny pictures and we hung them on ribbons with clothes hangers. Worried about the weight of the pictures, we figured they wouldn't stay up if we strung them up horizontally, so Paige had the great idea of doing them vertically down the down. We were able to tape on the other side and close the door to help keep them up. For an entertaining activity, we brought a gold diamond pinata and filled it with candies and bath bombs for the girls. Love a good decoration that is also a game.

I wanted to do something fun for the weekend and the bride, so I told Paige I would put together hangover kits for the party girls. Always a good "thanks for coming" gift with needed supplies for the weekend. I decided to use cute gift bags I had this time instead of boxes, since I needed to ship them with other decor supplies. In the bags, I added a couple of our new "Bride Tribe" tattoos, sunscreen, Advil, hair ties, Sugarfina Champagne Bubble Bears and Wine Wipes. For the bride, I threw in a Bling Wipe.

Bar items are important for a Bachelorette party, especially if you are staying in a hotel where there aren't a lot of glasses. With Airbnbs, you usually are lucky enough to have glasses, but it's still fun to have party cups! Paige picked our color-changing cups, so the guests would have a fun party favor for the weekend. She also picked up some fun drink stirrers and I threw in some fun straws that coordinated with the banner. Also, try to remember a way to mark the cups, so people don't get them mixed up.

Overall, it was a great weekend! Amy was spoiled with fun gifts at her lingerie shower and we all loved getting together to celebrate the bride. Couple Denver recommendations if you are going to the area for a Bachelorette getaway: Ophelia's and Avanti F&B.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summer Wine Tasting

This past week, we hosted another wine tasting with the fabulous Whitney from Jacob Liquor Exchange. In honor of National Rosé Day, I decided to share the fun details! Yes, it is apparently a holiday, and yes, I think you all should have a glass to celebrate! Attendees of the wine tasting, were served four different wines to try and I had a table of hors d'oeuvres for them to munch on. Whitney also brought handouts with tips for entertaining and a delicious recipe for frozen rosé popsicles - yum!

Food wise, I always get cheese recommendations from Whitney. They are always unique and go well with the wines being served. Dillons at Central and Rock has a great cheese counter with a lot to choose from, plus they are helpful when you have questions. I paired the cheese with some everything seasoned crackers and my favorite butterfly shaped butter crackers. Nuts like almonds and pistachios are good, easy snacks that most people enjoy. I also served some hummus with pita bread to make sure people had enough substance for the wine ahead! For dessert, I wanted something unique and local, so I reached out to our friends at Milkfloat. Their homemade poptarts for the month are raspberry and Twix flavored. They were a hit! I definitely recommend if you are in Wichita and looking for a fun, sweet outing.

For the tasting, we setup one large table and set each place setting with a place mat, Riedel wine glasses provided by Whitney and their tasting sheets. Plus, I added a Sugarfina box of Rosé All Day gummy bears as a fun party favor! Who doesn't love something pretty and tasty to take home? Great favor if you are having a wine get together yourself (we have lots of varieties at the shop). For the wines, Whitney started with a Rosé, then poured a Vinho Verde, Sauvignon Blanc and finished with a red. With each wine she discussed the suitable occasions and pairings. All were great for summer entertaining!

It was a fun evening full of chatting, drinking and eating. Perfect excuse to get out with your friends or family. Thank you Whitney for spending the evening with us and sharing your extensive wine knowledge! Also, thank you to everyone that came out for the event. You were a great group! Being pregnant this time, I wasn't able to enjoy the wines, but they all seemed to be well liked. Head over to Jacob Liquor Exchange to pick up some for your next party this summer!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

One I Am - Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

A couple weeks ago at the shop, we helped host an adorable Dr. Seuss party for a one year old. Kelly, the mother, had ordered a bunch of turquoise and red supplies for the party, plus some great banners and decor items. For invitations, she worked with a local shop favorite, Gretchen from creative (currently on maternity leave, but usually available in the shop!). After getting invites out and products ordered, she asked for our help to put everything together for the party. Dr. Seuss is such a fun theme for a birthday party because there are a lot of  ideas you can play with!

Dr. Seuss is full of patterns, colors and quirky designs. We wanted to set the kid tables to set the mood for the party.  With the supplies, we alternated polka dots and stripes, then added pops of blue. Kelly had different book covers printed, so we used those for the center of the tables to finish them off. Fun to have an alternative to a table runner, especially when it ties in the party theme.

We had free reign on the backdrop and I knew I wanted to do red stripes. Streamer stripes are an easy, affordable, and effective way to add a pop of color and pattern to your party. I originally thought about doing 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish across the backdrop. After looking at pictures of the fish, however, I was worried about their heavy design and being able to recreate them by hand large enough for the backdrop. Thing 1 and Thing 2 then came to mind and I ran with it! I drew their bodies out on red poster board, used white paper for faces and name tags, then topped off with a chopped up blue tissue pom pom. The pom pom added a fun and quirky dimension. I definitely cut them up to try matching their hair, and probably would have chosen larger ones if I did it again. Kelly had a cute picture banner we then hung up across the backdrop.

Activity wise, Kelly had Dr. Seuss games for the children and coloring sheets. The games included pin the hat on the cat, ring toss and bean bag toss. Coloring sheets are a great activity to keep kids entertained while waiting for the rest of the party guests to arrive. For the adults, she asked them all to sign a Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday To You! book they could have as a keepsake from the party.

How amazing are those cupcake toppers? Nothing like having your baby's face on top of his cupcakes! Definitely a cute idea if your theme involves a hat of some sort. The birthday boy needed a smash cake and a mini Dr. Seuss hat fit the bill. Kelly also had cookies made for the guests to take home as their party favor. Cookies are always a good favor idea because they are a reasonable price and who doesn't love a cookie? Since it was dinner time, she also served pizza, salad and snacks.

Overall, it was a great afternoon celebrating the birthday boy! Faith and I had a great time playing with the theme and setting up for them. If you are needing a party space and help putting together a fun event for your one year old, we would love to help!

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Cookies & Cake were made locally by Sweetly Scrumptious.

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